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Inspired to Quilt

This past weekend, my mom and I took a field trip to Lancaster, PA for the American Quilter Society Quilt Show.  With over 400 quilts, many quilters, and hundreds of people with the passion for quilts, I am full of inspiration.  My top purchase was a new self healing rotary mat by OLFA.  The measurements are 4x’s the size of my original mat.  Along with my new 24 inch ruler and ergonomic rotary cutter, I am ready for some speedy fabric cutting.

Here are my top five projects that I am inspired to quilt with my new tools:

  1. Surrounded Caterpillar Quilt
  2. ConKerr Pillow Case Challenge
  3. Table Runner with Charm Packs
  4. Gumball Quilt
  5. Vincent Van Gogh Quilt

Zebra and Cats


I completed the zebra stuffed animal for my cousin!  It matches the cats from the Modern Baby Quilt.  The pattern is the Rumbled Quilt Skins Zebra. The name of the pattern is very clever!  Check out Kathy Barbro’s site to see all of the quilted stuffed animal patterns.  Although the zebra took much longer to complete than expected, the quilted look does have a unique spin on a stuffed animal.




Modern Baby Quilt

Modern Baby

Here is a quilt that my mom and I made for my cousin that is expecting!  The pattern is The Modern Baby from the QuickQuilts Magazine for February/March 2010.  For my cousin, we were able to incorporate the bright colors and a cat theme!  I hope that Baby Papoose enjoys it.

CloseUp_Modern Baby

My next post will hopefully (fingers crossed!!) be the matching zebra stuffed animal!


The Beginnings of More Projects

While on vacation in Florida, I made a trip to The Quilt Place.  Although I didn’t need more fabric and I am in the middle of several projects, I was excited to see such an amazing fabric selection.  They have over 10,000 bolts of fabrics, hundreds of patterns, and lots of quilts hanging for inspiration.  At the cashier, there was a sign: “Your husband called.  He said you can buy whatever you want.” Here is a glimpse of some of the fabric purchased:

Ten Blue Batiks for Stitchin’ Heaven’s Gumball Quilt Pattern:


2 Panels of Exclusively Quilters: Tribute to Vincent for my sister-in-law’s Vincent Van Gogh quilt:


The goal is now to complete some projects prior to buying more fabric.


35 Blocks, Soon to be 1 Quilt

The layout is complete for the Surrounded Quilt.  It seems like many quilters use a design board to organize their layouts.  Since I don’t have one (…yet), I used a spare bed.  It just so happens that the back of the comforter is black, which added some contrast.  The 35 blocks are complete.  They just need to be sewn together to become one quilt top.


Ready to Assemble 88 Rectangles

The prep work in the quilting process is my favorite.  The Surrounded Quilt Pattern has quite a bit of prep work considering there are borders for each of the 88 rectangles for a crib size quilt.  Although it was a lot of cutting, sewing, and pressing, it was fun!  I am now ready to assemble the blocks.



Show and Tell

Sq1_Jelly Roll

Square one is complete for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along.  It reminds me of stained glass.  I am looking forward to the next square.


Ready for Quilt Alongs

Not only am I very excited for the Pinwheel Party and the Mystery Jelly Roll Quilt Alongs to start today, my mom is also excited.  We visited a local quilt shop, Chester County Quilting, to pick out her fabrics.  Here is a preview of her fabrics:

Pinwheel Party Fabrics using BatiksFabric_Mom_Pinwheel
Mystery Jelly Roll using Hoffman Fabrics Green Tea Bali PopsFabric_Mom_Jelly Roll