Inspired to Quilt

This past weekend, my mom and I took a field trip to Lancaster, PA for the American Quilter Society Quilt Show.  With over 400 quilts, many quilters, and hundreds of people with the passion for quilts, I am full of inspiration.  My top purchase was a new self healing rotary mat by OLFA.  The measurements are 4x’s the size of my original mat.  Along with my new 24 inch ruler and ergonomic rotary cutter, I am ready for some speedy fabric cutting.

Here are my top five projects that I am inspired to quilt with my new tools:

  1. Surrounded Caterpillar Quilt
  2. ConKerr Pillow Case Challenge
  3. Table Runner with Charm Packs
  4. Gumball Quilt
  5. Vincent Van Gogh Quilt

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