The Friday Night Sew In

The Friday Night (…and into the early hours of Saturday) Sew In was very productive.  I started a confetti quilt with the leftover batiks from my quilting class.  Using the technique demonstrated for this project, it was a sew as you want method.  As the night progressed, my quilt top developed.  Since the Sew In was hosted at a fabric store, I was able to easily incorporate new fabrics and colors.  Along with the green and blue fabrics, I added brown to the mix.  I was able to make whatever number of 4.5 inch squares and the center of each fabric square was cut with no pattern, making each block different.  It is truly a quick quilt — and a fun one too!

Here is the layout with the border and backing (left strip)

Also, check out the creativity with the other Friday Night Sew In Projects on the Flicker group!


3 responses to “The Friday Night Sew In

  1. Thanks for dropping by, I see your FNSI was equally productive. I like your confetti quilt and that’s kind of cool that your FNSI was hosted in a shop. That helps if you find you suddenly need a fabric or such. My “puppy interruptus” continues, actually it’s puppies interruptus – as we have double trouble with 2 baby dogs. My husband’s and mine. Yellow and black. We adore them and fully expect the next several years to be full of energetic chaos. Enjoy, Tiffany

  2. I love this quilt! Very fun. This pattern would be a great way to frame favorite scraps!

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