My First Attempt with Free Motion Quilting

Since I was young, I have doodled.  Throughout my school years, all of my notes were doodled.  Thus, the whole free motion quilting concept  intrigued me.  After lots of reading about stippling, the first step of attempting this technique still intimidated me.  It takes forever to even get to the quilting process.  There is a lot of time involved from the fabric selection, cutting, the layout, the piecing all before getting to the quilting stage.  I didn’t want to mess up an entire quilt top for a trial run.  So this week was my experimental week with practicing on scraps, scraps, and more scraps  Finally, I was ready to work on an actual quilt top.  I started small with a table runner.  It turned out better than expected.  I have three more table runners to go before I am ready to attempt my first “larger” quilt top!


Free Motion_Runner

Free Motion_Runner


2 responses to “My First Attempt with Free Motion Quilting

  1. Excellent firt effort!

  2. This looks so cool!

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