Surrounded Take 2

I enjoyed the piecing so much from my first surrounded quilt.  Thus, I decided to work with some leftover fabric and start another surrounded quilt.  Here is a glimpse of the fabric and the color combinations for round two.  It will be another bright quilt.

I completed all of the cutting and strip piecing in one night.  Compared to the cutting process for my original quilt, round two went many times faster with my 24×6 inch ruler and 36×24 inch mat.  I used a 4×14 inch ruler and 12×18 inch mat for my original quilt.  It is amazing the speed of progress when one has the right tools.


2 responses to “Surrounded Take 2

  1. All those colors look really good together!

  2. Can’t wait to see this one when it’s finished! I love the colors!

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