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Sew In Update

My Friday Night Sew In Project for July was to continue making my 36 blocks of curves.  I am now up to 12 blocks after tonight. 

What projects kept you busy?  Also, check out the others working on their Friday Night Sew In Projects on the Flicker group!


Dunder Dog likes Quilting

While taking a picture of my 25% piecing milestone, my puppy — Dunder — decided that he really liked this quilt.

After much convincing, he let me take a picture of the quilt without him.  I think that he is a tad jealous that I keep making these beautiful gifts and he hasn’t received one…yet…


Sneak Peek

Although I am completely finished with all 72 curves, I have only fully pieced 4 of the 36 squares for the Pickle Dish quilt.  As I am quite excited for this quilt, I had to stop and take a picture to share the progress.  The final quilt will be a series of interlocking circles.


Trim, Trim, Trim

This is 72 curves after trimming the excess.  See the trash pile in the background?  Paper piecing accumulates a lot of trash and I haven’t even gotten to the part where I tear off the paper in the back.  The best part of foundation piecing is the perfect curve without the precision of the initial cutting.  You simply follow the lines (and think inversely to line up the fabric).


70, 71, 72…Finished!

Here are the foundation pieced 72 curves for the Pickle Dish Quilt.  I now will be cutting them out so that each will look like a curve.


Novice Template Attempt

I am currently working on the Must Love Diamonds pattern from Allison Quilt Designs.  Earlier this month, I finished all of the strip piecing.  The next step is to cut.  This is the first pattern that I needed to use a template.  The pattern included the paper copy of 4 overlapping shapes. Thus, I made my first templates.

Tip for quilters: Use a fine tip to draw on the template plastic.  I used a blunt pen, which resulted in additional trimming of the template.

With each step of this project, I am really getting excited about the design and color choices.  This is one quilt that I can not wait to see elvolve.


Time for Free Motion Art

A couple of weeks ago I finish a class series with free motion quilting.  We reviewed everything from the darning foot to using stencils.  I have been so excited to practice, so I made a quilt top to practice this new learned art.  Here is my second time doing the surrounded pattern.  Does any know of a free motion patterns website?  I also have a couple of books to browse too!


Paper Piecing Curves

Although I am super fascinated by curves within quilts, I have been hesitant to quilt curves because I had a hard time visualizing how to sew inverted shapes together.  Thus, I started a quilt class tonight to learn curves using the paper piecing technique.  We will be working on patterns for pickle dishes, wedding rings, and rattlesnakes.

This quilt is great for scraps; however, the fabric store had a sale and I am now using new fabric!  Here is my fabric selection for the Pickle Dish pattern:

I completed 2 curves.  Now I am off to making 70 more curves…


From Scraps to a Rainbow of Colors

The center of my Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long is expanding into a rainbow of colors.  It has been an easy piecing process, as we completed the cutting during the first few weeks.  I haven’t had to touch my rotary blade since week three.

Check out this Flickr Group with 2,129 pictures of the various quilts for this Quilt-a-long.  It provided me inspiration to finish on first day that instructions were posted this week.


Van Gogh Quilt

My sister-in-law and I are working on a twin size Van Gogh Quilt.  Here is the completed quilt top using a panel of fabric and framing each painting with starry night fabric.