Dunder Dog in the Pets on Quilts Show

Thanks Shelia for giving me a head’s up!  SewGalCal is hosting a Pets on Quilts Show.  Check out all of the furry friends that enjoy quilts!

Here is my entry to introduce my pickle dish quilt with Dunder – a one year old chocolate lab that loves quilts!  He keeps waiting for one of the quilts to be his.


22 responses to “Dunder Dog in the Pets on Quilts Show

  1. Dunder is so cute. My in-laws have chocolate labs. Such fun four legged kids. I agree with Dunder…you need to make him his own quilt!

    Thanks for sharing and participate in the Pets on Quilts Show.


  2. Welcome to the Show! Dunder has wonderful taste in quilts for sure and he looks as yummy as dark chocolate!

  3. Awww! Dunder is so sweet! How can you say no to that face!?


  4. Dunder is adorable! I agree he needs a quilt of his own!

  5. oh look at his face. he’s just asking you to make him his own quilt. Thank you for showing him to us.

  6. So sweet! We had a choclate lab years ago and she was such a love.

  7. That’s a really cool quilt under that really pretty dog. He does look like he would like a quilt slightly bigger. LOL!! Thanks for sharing your photo. (Looking at those eyes makes me want to reach in a pet him.)

  8. I agree with Dunder. He should have a quilt all his own. Look at that face. Too cute!

  9. Dunder is a gorgeous chocolate lab. I’m sure he has bundles of energy too!

  10. He’s so cute – but I really love your double wedding ring – wow – nice!!

  11. Great looking quilt! He definitely deserves his own quilt!

  12. Dunder Dog is so appealing! How can you resist making him his own quilt. Your work in progress looks great!

  13. I love that picture of Dunder looking up at you. I hope you make him a quilt soon.

  14. Dunder is so adorable. Look at those puppy eyes. Just makes you melt.

  15. Nancy Sue Phillips

    Love the pattern! Look at Dunder. It looks like he’s saying…”this quilts for me? How about this one?”
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com
    PS. is he named after the paper company on the show “the office?”.

  16. Well, I think a few of the ladies who entered the pets on quilt show are very clever. I have never heard of a pickle dish quilt, it looks great.

  17. Dunder is beautiful, and what a fabulous quilt. Has he gotton one of his own yet?

  18. Thank you all for your kind comments. Dunder is still waiting for his own quilt. I am thinking that a heavy jean material may work for him 🙂

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