Sampler Quilt 2010

The sampler quilt from my introduction to quilting class is complete.  It was was awaiting binding for three months before I finally spent a 6 hour car ride to hand bind it.  After a long wait, it is now hanging in my living room and I smile each time I walk by it.  As I am learning Photoshop, I had fun practicing a way to showcase this completed quilt and to illustrate the various block.  Next up: I need to finish my Pickle Dish quilt from my summer quilt class.


4 responses to “Sampler Quilt 2010

  1. It is the perfect size for that space! I should probably sign up for a quilting class and learn how to really do this! Your sampler is fabulous!

  2. I love this, the colors are just great. I just finished and trimmed up all the blocks for a sampler quilt. Now you’ve got me motivated to get the sashing on and finish it.

  3. What a beautiful finish. Congratulations.

    Thanks for visiting me and commenting! :0) Please visit again.

  4. omg my heart nearly stpoped at the first “holy” picture! Some of the things that my mother bring can stir up the belly juices for sure but that quilt would have me running to find a hiding spot in the closet lol ;)I’m of the midset as some others here. Can it be made into couch pillow covers or re-purposed in some other way? While I’m totally feeling you on the let it go, sometimes we can’t fully let go of certain things no matter how bleak the outlook. Thanks for sharing that one!

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