Friday Night Sew In to Clear The Decks

With all of my new fabric purchases from the Mancuso Quilt Show, I spent this month’s Friday Night Sew In to Clear the Decks.  My sewing station was covered in gumball pieces for my current quilt — Stitchin’ Heaven’s Gumball Quilt.  I already finished 30 half square triangles earlier in the week; however in one Friday Night Sew In, I was able to crank out 90 more!  Notice the huge pile of trimmed dog ears in front of the sewing machine.  Tomorrow will consist of building each block so I can finish clearing the decks to start the new projects (notice the plural on projectS, as there are many).

Each month, I find it fascinating to see all of the Friday Night Sew In Projects on the Flicker group!

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