Help Wanted: Quilted Postcards

I had lots of random scraps of batting and have seen many examples of adorable quilted postcards.  Thus, I spent time cutting these scraps into over 100 6″ x 4″ rectangles.  My goal (note, the word goal) is to create quilted postcards for the holidays.  As I have been searching online for a tutorials, I was curious to know if anyone had some great tips for these postcards.  Please share!


3 responses to “Help Wanted: Quilted Postcards

  1. Are you aware of Vicki Welsh? She does fabric postcards… you might check her out.

  2. Angie, There’s a good book by Judy Warren Blayton on quilted postcards. It’s a great guide at taking pictures and turning them into postcards.

  3. Before I finish the edges (usually with a zigzag stitch) I take a crayon and color the edges. I hate when the batting shows.

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