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The Vibrant Pickle Dish

Made with batiks, this pickle dish quilt pattern is truly a vibrant quilt!

At 72″ inches square, the quilt is nearly queen size.  The technique used is foundation piecing.  I completed the quilting using a basic stipping method.  The quilt kept me busy this summer.  I started on July 7 and finished on October 9.

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The Seam Ripper is My Friend

The seam ripper is my friend – or that is what I am trying to convince myself.  My husband has been working on my quilting room for the past two weeks.  The wall colors is a sand tone.  My curtain fabric for my room was teal with spools of thread.  It was perfect until it clashed with the wall color.  As I was organizing my fabric for the new room, I came across a couple of yards of fabric that would work great with the wall color.  In 15 minutes, I whipped up this curtain, only to find that it didn’t have any “bunch” or “puff” factor.  Since I made these reversible, I can salvage some extra fabric and make this curtain only one sided.  Thus, if I say it enough, maybe it will be true — “The seam ripper is my friend…”


Underground Railroad Blocks

It is Sunday night and I am just now finishing my blocks for Monday’s Quilt Cass.  Since I was out of town for the previous quilt class, I had two sessions of homework.  Here are the first three blocks for the Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt.

  • Square 1: Monkey Wrench (Top Left)
  • Square 2: Wagon Wheel (Right)
  • Square 4: Crossroads (Middle)

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Back to Sewing

After being away from my sewing maching for over a week, I am back to sewing!  Although I have a lot of projects that need to be completed this week (ie – homework for my Underground Railroad Class and the binding for a wedding present next weekend), I continued with the last project that was left at my sewing table — the Gumball Quilt.  I was able to finish one entire block, which consists of 13 peices.  I am on the last step to assemble all thirty blocks.  I only have a couple of more hours to complete this entire quilt top.  I am on a roll; however, I should really work on the projects that actually have a deadline.  In the meantime, here is the one completed block:

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