Collections of Fabrics

I am currently on a mission to find black background batiks of all colors.  With the shop hop this weekend, I was able to add 7 new fat quarters to my collection.  I am now up to 56 different batiks.  I still have 3 more shops tomorrow to visit and I am hoping to get up to 60!  Although I have not yet determined what I am going to make yet, at least I have a theme for my shopping for the shop hop!

Do you have a collection of fabric themes?


One response to “Collections of Fabrics

  1. oh, that is a very nice collection! That’s what did me in initially, as a beginning quilter – seeing all the potential beautiful collections of fabrics that could be put together, and why i have such a crazy stash now! One of my first, and favorite collections, which I still add to every so often, is African wax prints. They remind me in some ways of your black background batiks.

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