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2010: A Year of Quilting

When working on the collage for this post, I was able to take a step back and see the the progress of my quilting skills over the past year.  It has been a great year of quilting, primarily because of the community of quilt bloggers.  I owe many thanks to the bloggers that provided me with lots of inspiration, tutorials, quilt-alongs, and feedback.  Thank you!!

Here is a flashback of my finished projects from 2010:


Charm Pack Table Runners + Giveaway!

Throughout this past year, my mother-in-law and I worked on several table runners for gifts for Christmas.  With 42 squares in a Moda charm pack, we had a great time picking the layouts!  We used the Little Charmers II pattern from Anka’s Treasures, which includes directions for three different table runners: Scrappy Stars, Hourglass, and Framed 4-Patch.

Here is the Framed 4-Patch, which I titled as 4-Square.  Now that I am writing this post, there are actually a lot more than 4 squares.  How many squares do you see in each table runner? Post a comment with the number of squares by Tuesday, January 4 to be entered in a charm pack giveaway (April Cornell’s Prayer Flag).  I will use the Random Number Generator and will announce the winner on Wednesday.


My Creative Area

Last month, my husband completed my Quilting Room.  I have a folding table on bed risers for a cutting station.  Under the table, I have some of my fabric stash organized in storage bins.  I do all of my piecing on an old desk with a small cutting mat and iron at arm’s reach.  Since I don’t have a design wall yet, I have a spare bed that works for my quilt layouts.


The Finish Line: Quilt Along

AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts hosted Quilt-a-Long in July.  After some major pauses on this project, I was able to complete the quilt early December.  It was the perfect for Jim’s grandmother for Christmas.  I was very pleased with the pieced back that incorporated the main design.  I was also able to piece a label into the quilt.  It was a great quilt-along and truly a great stash buster.

Check out the Flickr Group with some of the completed projects.


Dunder’s First Quilt

Dunder Dog now has a quilt!  With flannel quilt top and a fleece quilt back, he now has a new favorite place to rest.  The fabric for the quilt top was a mixture of chocolate and yellow labs.  I fuzzy cut all of the chocolate labs into 5 inch squares and added grey flannel sashing.  The back is red fleece with black paw prints.  This quilt is truly themed for a dog quilt.  I tightly quilted it, so I am hoping that it will last a bit longer than a few months.


Christmas Postcards

Merry Christmas!  Each year, I design and create my own Christmas cards.  In the previous years, they consisted of cardstock and lots of glue.  With my growing interest in quilting, I took a new venture this year with quilted postcards.  With a response from my Help Wanted Post in October, I received some great tips from quilt bloggers.  Additionally, Viki Welsh’s blog had some great tips too!

My design this year was a ‘Silent Night’ with a single Christmas Tree lit up by a single star.  With Christmas fast approaching, my husband was recruited to be my elf this week.  Without his help of basting the Christmas trees and being an expert at pinning these mini-quilts, the quilted postcards would not have been completed.  (Thanks Jim!)


Bamboo Garden

This quilt was a test to see if I could hide the imperfections from a charm pack that was not perfectly cut.  I really can’t complain, as the charm pack was ‘free’ with purchase at my local fabric store.  Since I loved the fabric line with the mix of bamboo and flowers, I was able to stagger my sashing to create a fun bamboo garden quilt.  With a pieced backing and detailed quilting of leaves and flowers, one may not even notice the inconsistent sizes of each square .  Shhh — don’t tell!


Blog Catch Up: A Week of Presenting Finishes

Over the past few weeks, I have been quilting without blogging.  With Christmas fast approaching, this week will be a series of showing off my quilting gifts that I have been finishing over the past few months.

Here is my most recent finish called “Dragonflies”.  It is named after the symbolism that Walter Dudley Cavert illustrated in poem about loved ones that have died and “the fact that we cannot see our friends or communicate with them after the transformation which we call death is no proof that they cease to exist.”

This quilt was given today to a family that found comfort with symbolism of the dragonfly after their son/brother passed away.  When my brother passed away last year, this family provided me a lot of support.  Since I find healing by quilting, I started this quilt in March when I found the perfect dragonfly fabric.  After nine months, I finally finished the quilt.  It is complete with a pieced backing, a sewn-in label that I designed, double borders, and vibrant colors throughout a diamond pattern.



I didn’t think that it would be possible, but it happened…I ran out of fabric.  This is one of the quilter’s worst fears, which is the reason why quilter’s stashes are overflowing with excess fabric.

Over a weekend, I went from week 5 to week 9 of the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long.  Since mine was all scrap fabric, I improvised with the remaining quilt design.  Rather than having two extra lengths of fabric, I only have one.

Next, I will be adding a small border around the entire quilt, same as the sashing.  Although improvising, I am still shocked that I went through an overwhelming about of fabric for this project.  It was a great stash buster project, as I started with a full bin and now I have just enough to outline the label before it gets quilted.