Christmas Postcards

Merry Christmas!  Each year, I design and create my own Christmas cards.  In the previous years, they consisted of cardstock and lots of glue.  With my growing interest in quilting, I took a new venture this year with quilted postcards.  With a response from my Help Wanted Post in October, I received some great tips from quilt bloggers.  Additionally, Viki Welsh’s blog had some great tips too!

My design this year was a ‘Silent Night’ with a single Christmas Tree lit up by a single star.  With Christmas fast approaching, my husband was recruited to be my elf this week.  Without his help of basting the Christmas trees and being an expert at pinning these mini-quilts, the quilted postcards would not have been completed.  (Thanks Jim!)


4 responses to “Christmas Postcards

  1. I would love to hear more about HOW to do this project. Do you have some links to share that would help?

  2. Angie, These turned out beautifully! I’m glad you posted the photos. I love how you recruited your husband — I do that all the time. We are lucky to have such good sports. =) Are you going to post any of the tips you recieved?

  3. What a fabulous idea! So cute!

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