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Last month, my husband completed my Quilting Room.  I have a folding table on bed risers for a cutting station.  Under the table, I have some of my fabric stash organized in storage bins.  I do all of my piecing on an old desk with a small cutting mat and iron at arm’s reach.  Since I don’t have a design wall yet, I have a spare bed that works for my quilt layouts.


6 responses to “My Creative Area

  1. Looks great Angie! I have my crafty stuff in so many different rooms. It would be nice to transfer it all to one room. Great idea to raise the desk with the bed risers!

  2. What an awesome sewing area! What are you working on that sitting on your cutting table??

  3. Angie–are you ready to do a design wall? Want something good, portable & reasonably inexpensive?
    Go here: Go to the bottom of the page, read and then click on the picture. I have something similar and I move it around easily.

    Your room is much cleaner than mine!

  4. Love it! It’s so nice to have your own sewing space! Happy New Year!

  5. Ooh. I love that bright pinwheel quilt on the ironing board! It’s not very often you see people use black on a quilt but it really makes bright colors look fun. I’ve been collecting some neat black fabrics to try something like this sometime.

  6. This is great! i have thought about using bed risers for my cutting table… but it’s a desk-like storage unit. I wonder if it would be stable enough… does it lift it high enough to be comfortable? I’m hoping to be making a design wall soon too. 🙂

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