Monthly Quilting Goals for 2011

Last year, I read ‘The Happiness Project’.  Gretchen Rubin created a blog and shared her experiences with goals that she set for each month.  It was a wonderful book and included many great tips for finding happiness in daily life.   In addition to my personal goals, I developed my own monthly quilting goals:

January: Refresh the theme for my blog.  Over the past few days, I have been working on a new logo for  Here is a rough draft.  I will continue to work on making the background look more like fabric by adding a frayed edge and some stitching.  It is a work-in-progress, but it is a start to my January goal.

February: In 2010, I did not maintain the pace of the quilt alongs, thus, I want to complete the following UFO’s of 2010 Quilt Alongs that I have yet to complete:

March: Since I didn’t complete my quilt alongs from 2010 (hence, February’s goal to complete them), I have my goal for March to maintain the pace of a quilt-along with the 2011 Bloggers’ Block-A-Palozza, starting January 24th:

Quilt Dad

April: Finish the following UFO’s of 2010 before May.  However, it would even be great to finish them earlier!

May: Update my Sewing Room with a design wall to fit my needs and space.  Here is a post with a picture of my current room.  Thanks Barbara for sending the following link for a great design wall tutorial from the Mirkwood Designs Blog.

June: Design my own modern quilt pattern and create a free online tutorial.  I am inspired everyday by the quilting tutorials and tips that the whole blogging community provides.   I have six months to work on this goal!

July: Create a quilted craft.   Last year, I created a quilted stuff animal zebra.  Who knows what I will make in July!

August: Develop my applique skills by working on a new landscape quilt.

September: Learn to use the embroidery attachment for my new sewing machine.

October: Complete a Pineapple Quilt for my bedroom.  The fabric is all purchased and I will need to start in January to finish this quilt by November.

November: With Fall, I want to scan leaves and incorporate them into a quilting project.

December: Utilize my stash of black batiks and relax!

It will be another exciting year for quilting!  Stay tuned for updates…


3 responses to “Monthly Quilting Goals for 2011

  1. Great goals – i should really set out my year like you have.

  2. I love how organized you are! What a great way to start off a new year of sewing. 🙂

  3. that is a great way of organizing the year out. not too many to do in one month, but everything gets done. + you totally have to leave room for those random bits of ‘must do it now’ quilts! lol

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