Kona Banana 4 Kona Swap

Yesterday, I went shopping for my Kona solid for the Gen X Quilters Kona Your World Fat Quarter Swap.  It was great picking from all of the various colors with no intention of having it flow with any of my current stash.  My swap color will be Banana:

3 responses to “Kona Banana 4 Kona Swap

  1. This looks like a fun swap! I love your color choice 🙂 what do you plan to do with your swap fabrics? I dont know much about Kona solids, but now I’m going to find out. Where did you get yours? My LQS has no solids! As I said in my blog, I’ve only used a solid once. That seems strange when I think about it!

  2. I really like it! I have very. very little yellows in my stash – just not drawn to that color…
    I went with Glacier – a deep blue-green teal….can’t wait to see what I get in return!

  3. ohman, I LOVE Kona Banana! I’ve used it in a few quilts and think it’s absolutely delicious! Have fun in your swap.

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