A Year of Scraps

Last night, I joined a group of quilters at my Local Quilt Shop, Fabrics on the Hill.  We did a night of sewing string quilts on muslin foundation 9″ squares.  After a few blocks, I had my rhythm down to randomly pull a strip of fabric from my boxes of scraps and piece it onto the muslin.  The key was not thinking about the color or pattern, .  I completed 20 squares out of my goal of 64 for this quilt.  The best part of using these scraps was seeing the great fabric that was leftover from quilts this past year.  With every strip, I was recalling which quilt used that fabric.  It was a great night to reflect on the many quilts.

Amazingly, at the end of the night, I felt like I had more scraps!  How do you use up your stash of fabric scraps?

One response to “A Year of Scraps

  1. It looks beautiful!

    I so need to learn how to do this. I way over think things. When I see what other people have done, they look great, so I need to just get over it and give it a try…

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