Fabric In > Fabric Out

Yes, this week there was more fabric in than fabric out.  I purchased lots of so good safari fabric for P&B Textiles because it was on sale.  Because of the price, I bought 6.5 yards and I am still regretting that I didn’t buy more!  On the sewing side this week, I completed blocks 5 and 6 from my Jelly Roll quilt from last year.  Additionally, I spent a night sewing blocks for a string quilt from all of my scraps.  Here is the recap for this week:

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4 responses to “Fabric In > Fabric Out

  1. You know with the price of cotton going up so quickly finding a bargain is a great thing. I will continue to be more selective and try and only get what I need but I am going to buy when I get a chance for a discount.

  2. Yum – I love the fabrics you found. and your picture of it all is so cute!!

  3. If you love the fabric, you should get it, espeically if it’s on sale. All you need is one good sized backing and you’d be back in the black.

  4. Hey, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for dropping by during the FNSI. I”ve never been organized enough (until very recently) to have a record system like this for what I buy and what I use. I like it quite a lot; definitely going to adopt this for my own sewing.

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