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I was able to work on two quilts this week from past quilt alongs: Jelly Roll Quilt Along and Sliced Coin Quilt Along.  In both cases, I am at the point that is the most laborious, the binding phase.  This is where I need your help, below is one of my Jelly Roll Quilt Along quilts.  With all of the colors in the quilt, what do you suggest for a binding color? (Thanks in advance!)

Although there haven’t been many updates, here my Works in Progress for this week:

Lee from Freshly Pieced Blog is hosting the Work-In-Progress Wednesday Link-Up.  Check out the WIP’s!

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8 responses to “Work In Progress

  1. Wow, you’ve got a lot going on! My first thought for your binding is a scrappy binding, maybe with pieces from all the fabrics in the quilt. Or, match the binding to the black(?) border on the front? Those would be my suggestions!

  2. I’d go with a black binding. Is the back solid blue or pieced?

  3. I totally love your quilt! I would probably bind it with pink or orange that either matched or was deeper than the ones you used in the quilt. I am not normally into subtle binding (except on my current quilt, go figure.)

  4. I have to agree with the first two and say a dark binding. The quilt looks lovely.

  5. Such colorful, beautiful WIPs here! My first thought was the same as Becky’s: Go scrappy! Black would be nice too, and would be much less noticeable. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week (what’s left of it!)

  6. Pink – Just sayin’

  7. A black binding would look good, or scrappy. I’m working on a scrappy binding right now and it does take a little longer because of the extra piecing. If you find binding laborious, I love it :-), you may not want to go this route. You have lots going on!

  8. Wow you sure have a lot going on. It is all looking good.

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