A Fun Quilt

I made this fun quilt after seeing AnneMarie’s Twister Inspired Quilt from the Gen X Quilters Blog.  I changed it up a bit by using 12.5 inch squares, rather than appliqueing the all 24 circles on one large piece of fabric.  It was far easier for me to center one circle on each square than aligning all the circles.  Here are all of my blocks prior to making the quilt top.

Here is the finished project!

Oh, and the back is pieced!  It was a sunny day, so you can see a silhouette!

2 responses to “A Fun Quilt

  1. Yay!! I love it Angie!! So nice to see! What is the size of the quilt? I would also like to make another one, but applique on blocks like you instead of the whole cloth idea. Thanks for sharing!

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