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Basting: The Longest Part of Quilting

My favorite part of the quilting process is the actual quilting — the part that keeps the three layers together.  I enjoy cutting the fabric (unless it is one of my favorites and I am taking the plunge to use it!) and piecing the entire top.  However, then I tend to stall and wait hoping that the basting part will magically happen on it’s own.  The bigger the quilt, the more I stall.  Does anyone actually enjoy basting large projects?

I am currently working on the bed quilt for my son.  It is a full size bed, so I have been stalling for about two weeks.  Yesterday, I pulled out my basting tables and squeezed them into my living room.  The basting process is finally underway.  The only thing getting me through the point is that soon I will be working on my favorite part of quilting!

Here are some basting tips — let me know if you have others!

  • Use folding tables and line them up next to each other (it is quick to assemble/disassemble)
  • Curved safety pins add speed to the process.  Don’t be stingy and use lots of them.  Store them in the open position!
  • Make sure each layer doesn’t have any wrinkles and are taunt by using masking tape and clamps (found in hardware store)
  • Start pining in the center.  Work then outward and check along the way that there are no wrinkles


Windows on a Quilt

Oh how I enjoy reading Elizabeth Hartman’s blog – Oh, Fransson! It is on my list of favorites; thus, when she announced her book last year, I immediately ordered it.  It is a great book for a beginner quilter, as there is a very detailed section that provides quilting basics that could jump start anyone wanting to dabble in learning how to quilt.

Kitchen Windows is my first completed quilt from the book’s many patterns.  Isn’t it neat how it really does look like Kitchen Windows?  I really love her version and if I were to use this pattern again, I would definitely use more colors than just blue and yellow.  In the meantime, blue and yellow is perfect for a baby quilt.

Since this is really a modern quilt, I am linking up Sew Modern Monday hosted by Canoe Ridge Creations. Be sure to see the other modern quilts – you won’t be disappointed!  Also, I am linking up with Quilt Story’s Fabric Tuesday.

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Project Recap

Since I wasn’t quilting over the past couple of months, my current projects all seem like UFO’s!  It seems like it has been ages since I was working on my New York Beauty squares.  It is good to have a regular recap to keep me from starting new projects before completing the old.

My current hot projects right now are to complete the quilting for Jimmy’s baby quilt and an alphabet wall hanging!  Although it seems like I am behind on this project since he is already 7 weeks old, it is still 3 weeks before his due date.  I love how the quilt is coming along!  In addition to his crib, his room has a full size bed — which makes this a very large ‘baby’ quilt.  There will also be a wall hanging in his room of the alphabet.  This wall hanging quilt is nearly complete, as it is just awaiting the binding.  There will be another post this week dedicated to the details of this fun project.  Hopefully both of these quilts won’t be considered a WIP next week!

Lee from Freshly Pieced Blog is hosting the Work-In-Progress Wednesday Link-Up.  Check out the WIP’s for this week!

Fabric Tuesday with Botany

Over a year ago, I saw the Nellie’s Needle Ink Pot Quilt Pattern in Moda’s Lauren + Jessi Jung’s Botany Line.  I loved it so much that I bought both the patten and the Jelly Roll.  I was surprised how well the green and teals mixed together.  It was a fun line to use for this quick pattern and the results were stunning.  The pattern is basically a block with several layers, finished with a snowball effect.  With three fabrics in each block, having a jelly roll was perfect!  I was able to play with a lot of color variations.  I then added a pieced backing.  Since being inspired by Julie of Jaybird Quilts, I have been on a pieced backing kick.  Here is her blog posting on pieced backs on Robert Kaufman’s Blog – Swatch and Stitch.

I finished this quilt in August for a wedding gift.  I am finally playing blog catch up by linking up with Quilt Story’s Fabric Tuesday.

Oh!  And here is a picture of my little pumpkin on his first Halloween.