Basting: The Longest Part of Quilting

My favorite part of the quilting process is the actual quilting — the part that keeps the three layers together.  I enjoy cutting the fabric (unless it is one of my favorites and I am taking the plunge to use it!) and piecing the entire top.  However, then I tend to stall and wait hoping that the basting part will magically happen on it’s own.  The bigger the quilt, the more I stall.  Does anyone actually enjoy basting large projects?

I am currently working on the bed quilt for my son.  It is a full size bed, so I have been stalling for about two weeks.  Yesterday, I pulled out my basting tables and squeezed them into my living room.  The basting process is finally underway.  The only thing getting me through the point is that soon I will be working on my favorite part of quilting!

Here are some basting tips — let me know if you have others!

  • Use folding tables and line them up next to each other (it is quick to assemble/disassemble)
  • Curved safety pins add speed to the process.  Don’t be stingy and use lots of them.  Store them in the open position!
  • Make sure each layer doesn’t have any wrinkles and are taunt by using masking tape and clamps (found in hardware store)
  • Start pining in the center.  Work then outward and check along the way that there are no wrinkles


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  1. Clamps! Genius! I have just switched to spray basting but had a sad sad day doing it on the windy deck yesterday. I wish I had done it with clamps! Thanks for the hint!

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