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A Completed Quilt Top…

This week I was able to complete the quilt top for the pickle dish quilt.  I have been working on this quilt since April.  Since August, this quilt has been my main project.  I haven’t posted much on the blog, as it has been a slow process.  With some dedicated quilt time on Monday, I was able to do the final assembly of each block and combine them into one big quilt top!  This week, I plan to baste and quilt.  I will keep you updated on the slow progress 🙂

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Grandma’s Quilt

My mom made this beautiful quilt for Little Jimmy.  We found the fabric in Florida at The Quilt Place in Rockledge, FL.  It is Playday by SEI for Robert Kaufman.  The fabric was sold in a kit for the free pattern, Hip Baby.  My mom made it bigger by adding an extra border.  I completed all of the quilting, echoing the various various elephants and giraffes, as well as adding spirals and other fun designs.  It is adorable and Jimmy loves his Grandma Quilt.  Thanks Mom!!


By the way, check out yesterday’s post for some big news!  Baby Number 2 is on the way…

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Big News

Big News – Jim and I are expecting baby number two in early May!  Little Jimmy will be a big brother.  We could not be more excited, as we prepare for the new addition to our family.  Boy or girl, we won’t find out the gender until the birthday.  Until then, we have a few months for the quilt room transformation to Jimmy’s bedroom to occur.

Also, I am back to sewing after a two month break.  I traded in my “sewing time” for “nap time” or “go to bed early time”.  My energy levels are finally picking up and my entire Saturday was dedicated to quilting.  My sewing machine was happy for my return and was humming along yesterday!

As for another exciting piece of news in our household, Jimmy is now wearing glasses!  He has been in awe of everything now that he can see!  Here is a picture of him sporting his new style.  He is hanging out on the quilt that his Grandma (my mom) made for him.  I took full quilt shots of this quilt and I will share later this week 🙂


Fabric Spree

Last Friday, Little Jimmy and I ventured into Lancaster.  We went to several fabric shops and landed at Burkholdersin Denver, PA.  I was sold when I heard everything was 25% off!  We picked out some 30 yards of fabric.  They have a wonderful selection of children fabric and I found the most adorable rocket fabric.  The line is called Launch by Lesley Grainger for Robert Kaufman.  I also found adorable lion fabric in the Roar! collection by Marie Perkins for Robert Kaufman.  I bought corresponding solids to match both of these finds!  Also, I picked up some more fabric from the Modern Workshop line by Oliver + S for Moda.  Lastly, we picked out some frogs, black birds, and some mixer fabric.  It was a successful trip and now I have plenty of fabric for all of the upcoming baby boy quilts.

Over the past weeks, I continued to plug away at the pickle dish quilt.  I cut into the yellow background fabric and used up 4 yards.  Additionally, I finished off two table runners.  Once I get through this pickle dish, I will dive into the fabric from my recent fabric spree.

Here is a breakdown of my growing stash!

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My QuiltCon Block is Featured

My QuiltCon Block is featured today on the Modern Quilt Guild Website.  It was placed in the category of Wonky Stripes!  Everyday there has been a different category and each day I am amazing at the guild’s creativity and talent.

Here is a close up picture of my block.  Check out my QuiltCon Block Challenge post for more details.




String Quilt Table Runner

Yesterday, I shared my four-patch table runner.  Today, I am sharing yet another table runner — a batik string quilt.  I used 5″ Kona scrap squares as the foundation.  I lined up the center and completed the string quilt working outward from the center.  I used varying widths averaging around 1.25″. Once 12 squares were complete, I lined them up and sewed them together into a table runner.  On Saturday night, the Philly Modern Quilt Guild had a sewing night.  I was able to spend this night quilting and binding the runner.  Since there was foundation and there wasn’t a need for warmth for a table runner, I opted to skip out on batting.  I even used another new quilt design by Angela Walter’s new book — Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs for Modern Quilts.  (If you missed my recent review of her book, check it out here).  Since reading her book, I have been addicted to quilting these fun designs!  I loved the colors, design, quilting.  Overall, it was a successful projects and a repeat may be up next!

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Pinterest Quilts

It was almost two years ago when I joined Pinterest.  I remember distinctly at a a Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting, Liz Hawkins of LizzieB Creative! mentioned Pinterest and she sent me an invite.  Since that day, I have been hooked with checking out all of the crafty ideas and DIY projects.  When it was still in the beginning stages, I didn’t quite understand that you could pin (or re-pin) links to blogs that provide lots of inspiration.  Thus, I created my own board with my completed quilts.  46 pins later, it is still growing!  Until I finally get a page on my current website with a photo gallery, this board is truly a quick look at all of my quilts.

The most intriguing part of Pinterest is observing the traffic to my blog.  It is amazing that as of today, 117 people have re-pinned my four-patch table runner!  It was my most basic quilt, but lots of Pinners have found it worthy of re-pinning.

To kick off September – the national sewing month, here is another four-patch table runner from the Little Charmers II pattern of Anka’s Treasures.  To continue expanding upon my free-motion quilting, little flowers were incorporated into the quilting.  Let’s see if the Pinterest Community will like this one too!  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board of completed quilts.


Quilting Beyond Stippling

Stippling has always been my go to quilt design.  Before I was even quilting, my notebooks always had doodles with plenty of stippling designs.  This year I have really been trying to get out of my comfort zone and try new designs.  Earlier this year, I did a baby quilt by echoing the pattern of the quilt.  It turned out super cute.  Beyond echoing, I needed some how-to pictures so I per-ordered Angela Walter’s new book — Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs for Modern Quilts.  By reading this book, my free-motion quilting skills have already improved.  So far, I have been able to use three of her designs on the following quilts:

Wow is all I can say!  Using her step by step guides, I just followed her designs and before I knew it, I got my rhythm down!  By trying these new designs, I am now even more into free-motion quilting (and I didn’t know that was even possible!).  This book is definitely a keeper that I will be referencing quite often.  Great job Angela!

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and Repeat, WIP Update

“…and Repeat.”  This is the saying that goes through my mind as I count to 72!  I continued to work on my Pickle Dish Quilt this week.  It was 72 curves, 72 squares, and at last — the 72 background pieces.  Now that I have reached 72 on each of the sets, I can start my assembly line to combine the three segments.  One day (and hopefully soon), I will finish up the top!

Thanks for your input as I was selecting my background fabric.  With your help earlier this month {see my background dilemma post}, I picked the yellow.  Although it is bright, it does have a golden hue to it.

Here is a glimpse of my background pieces and the layout of the curves with the yellow background.  Lee from Freshly Pieced Blog is hosting the Work-In-Progress Wednesday Link-Up.

Circles, Triangles, and a Quilt

Each time I finish a quilt, I think “This is my favorite.”  If you ask me today, I think that this baby quilt is my favorite.  The pattern is Chopsticks from Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.  It uses equilateral triangles with various border widths and alternating foreground and background colors.  I love how I used a solid mixed with prints to really have the Kona Ocean Blue pop.  The prints are a mix of various half yards that I collected over the years.  They all use a circle theme, with one showcasing shapes.  I thinks that it is a great mix of shapes, as the ‘blocks’ are triangles and the prints are circles.  To continue the use of geometry, the back is full of numbers!  It was a fun quilt to make and best of all, the pattern instructions were very clear (thanks Julie!).

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