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Scrap Sunday

This weekend, I am heading to the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA.  While I started getting my shopping list organized, it was obvious that my scrap bins are overflowing and I don’t have much room for new projects  Thus, I thought that it was time to pull out my string quilt and make more blocks!  I have enough fabric scraps to make hundreds of blocks, but I think that my goal will be 64 squares.  I have 18 down, so quite a few more blocks to go…

As I continue adding blocks, I will link up on Sundays to participate in Jaybird Quilt’s Scrap Sunday.  Click on the button to see other scrap projects.

4 Projects Finished — well, Does Almost Count?

This past week, I almost finished four quilt projects.  Binding always gets in the way of truly finishing a quilt.  I almost knocked out four quilts this past weekend with my HST (half square triangle) quilt, the A to Z wall hanging, and the dinosaur quilt.

Here is a collage of the various projects in the works:

From left to right, top to bottom…

  1. Project Binding!  As the pile keeps growing, I am sure that I may need to resort to machine binding.
  2. Little Jimmy watched as I made 18 burp cloths for the NICU.  He will be dropping them off next week.  I added labels to the burp cloths, so stay tuned the step-by-step that I used.
  3. Wall hangings for Little Jimmy’s room are still waiting for hangers.
  4. I am still very excited to give the Twister Quilt as a delayed Christmas present.  This probably should be at the top of my list, but somehow I haven’t had a chance to work on it!
  5. …and more binding!  Here is a table runner that is waiting for some hand binding.
  6. Jimmy’s quilt from my mom is still in my machine.  With the dense quilting, it is really taking some time to finish.
  7. Here is my scrap project from a recent Philly Modern Quilt Guild swap  I am using a quilt as you go method..
  8. Jimmy’s actual crib quilt is waiting for some attention.
  9. Oh, and my Lone Star quilt.  I am working on a Lone Star Quilt.  It is amazing and I am in awe every time I work on it!

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Penn State Quilt

Back in the beginning of January, I finished a disappearing 9-patch using Penn State fabric.  I should have posted then; however, I must of been distracted with all of my other quilt projects.  I had the ‘background’ color of grey and the school colors of blue and white throughout.  Prior to creating the 9-patch, each square was 5 inches.  This quilt is a really simple design and having the third color of grey really grounds the quilt and brings it all together.

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I am just finishing up the binding on a few other quilts.  I will be show them later this week!

23 Yards in One Month

WOW – that is amazing, 23 yards of fabric used in one month.  Although I have been piecing quite a bit, a big chunk of this number is the result of a few quilt backings.  Shown in the report below are the three quilts that I finished yesterday.  I completed the quilting on Friday night.  Another 4.5 yards was put into good use with burp clothes for the NICU.  Also this month, I made it out to four different fabric stores, where I bought a 5 yards of both a grey batik and a three leaf clover.  The gret batik was originally going to be used for the background of my Lone Star quilt, but when I brought it home, it matched perfectly with one of my next quilts — Julie of Jaybird Quilt’s Opposites Attract.  Also, I will be making my first Irish Chain quilt.  What could be more perfect than clovers for the back!?  Also, I found the Modern Workshop line and I am so excited about the teal fabric.  I don’t know what to make with it, but I am sure that in time I will figure it out!

Here is the report:

Linking up with Judy of Patchwork Times.

Busy Bee

Last night was my most productive quilt day for 2012.  I certainly was a busy bee.  Last weekend, I extended my quilt studio into the hallway with a folding table for basting.  I should have taken a picture, but there wasn’t enough room.  I pin basted 3 small quilts — two baby quilts and a wall hanging.  Thank goodness I bought more basting pins!  Last night, I quilted all three quilts and added the binding.  I used free motion stippling for baby dinosaur and A to Z wall panel quilting.  I keep resorting back to my comfort quilting of stippling, so I decided to try something new with straight line quilting on the half square triangle quilt.  I love how it turned out!  To branch out of my stippling rut, I will be on a look out for all-over patterns that don’t take over the quilt.