23 Yards in One Month

WOW – that is amazing, 23 yards of fabric used in one month.  Although I have been piecing quite a bit, a big chunk of this number is the result of a few quilt backings.  Shown in the report below are the three quilts that I finished yesterday.  I completed the quilting on Friday night.  Another 4.5 yards was put into good use with burp clothes for the NICU.  Also this month, I made it out to four different fabric stores, where I bought a 5 yards of both a grey batik and a three leaf clover.  The gret batik was originally going to be used for the background of my Lone Star quilt, but when I brought it home, it matched perfectly with one of my next quilts — Julie of Jaybird Quilt’s Opposites Attract.  Also, I will be making my first Irish Chain quilt.  What could be more perfect than clovers for the back!?  Also, I found the Modern Workshop line and I am so excited about the teal fabric.  I don’t know what to make with it, but I am sure that in time I will figure it out!

Here is the report:

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4 responses to “23 Yards in One Month

  1. I like how creative you are with how you show your report…Like it
    Plus the numbers are impressive too

  2. WoW! 23 out! You have a 3.5 yard reduction. Great numbers.

  3. Cheryl in Iowa

    Your numbers are great, and the clever way you post them is so creative…Nice work all around.

  4. Wow! Great job. I have just started sewing and quilting again after a long hiatus with a complicated explanation, involving divorce and depression. The good news is I figured out that quilting is a great anti-depressant and therapist. Too bad I didn’t figure that out sooner as it would have saved me a great bit of time, energy and money. Hmmm…maybe not so much on the money or time, as quilting can eat both of those, but quilting is much more fun than anti-depressants and therapists!

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