Scrap Sunday

This weekend, I am heading to the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA.  While I started getting my shopping list organized, it was obvious that my scrap bins are overflowing and I don’t have much room for new projects  Thus, I thought that it was time to pull out my string quilt and make more blocks!  I have enough fabric scraps to make hundreds of blocks, but I think that my goal will be 64 squares.  I have 18 down, so quite a few more blocks to go…

As I continue adding blocks, I will link up on Sundays to participate in Jaybird Quilt’s Scrap Sunday.  Click on the button to see other scrap projects.

2 responses to “Scrap Sunday

  1. I just LOVE this quilt! I hope someday to have the skills to put something this beautiful together. I know it’s just practice, which I am working on with smaller projects.

    I have just been playing with string quilting and have a few blocks done. I have an endless supply of about 6 inch lightweight denim squares I picked up at a thrift shop that I picked up at a local thrift shop. I made a few eyeglass cases out of some of my blocks yesterday. It gave me an opportunity to practice some quilting skills without having a large quilting project at stake, or just practicing with random quilt sandwiches I like to be able to use what I spend time creating..

    I have a baby quilt, which I cheated on and tied, that I am going to have to bind, so I am planning on lots of small practice projects before I tackle it.

  2. PS… I am subscribing to your feed so I can keep up with your beautiful quilting! Did you get lots of goodies at the quilt show? My budget doesn’t allow for that right now, but don’t worry, I have a rather large stash I can delve into until the financial times turn a bit.

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