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I loved my old wordpress theme.  It had a main home page with summary posts, a featured portfolio page, and a picture heading for each blog post.  It was wonderful, but was way too time consuming.  For each post, I needed a minimum of four pictures of various dimensions — mostly panoramic.  Thus, for each blog post, I spent hours resizing photos.  Although I loved my old theme, it was time to let go and revert back to a simple blog theme.  With help from my husband, the craftedAngles theme was updated.  There is even a facebook plug-in too!

With a basic blogging theme, I will have more time to quilt and the frequency of my blog posts should increase — you will have to hold me to it!

I also have an updated banner depicting the quilting process, as my blog is a documentation of these steps.

Do you recognize any of these quilts?

Here is the other reason that I need a basic blog.  Rather than resizing images, I want to hang out with these two guys.  Our little man is now 10 months old.

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  1. Angie, you always amaze me with what you do and how much you do. Work and baby and a million quilts. Hope to see you soon at PMQG

  2. Isn’t he just THE cutest thing! Okay, so is hubby… I can see why you want to spend time with them. Have a great day.

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