ABC Panel Quick as 123

Recognize this wall hanging?

This wall hanging uses the same fabric panel as the one in Jimmy’s wall hanging.  Only Jimmy’s wall hanging had a horizontal orientation, sashing, and some borders.  {Here is the link to full scoop on Jimmy’s quilt.}

The panel is Jenn Ski’s A to Z.  Using the panel was super quick.  With no piecing, I simply had to baste, quilt, and bind.  In three steps, it  was done!  I normally don’t do panels, as they are hard to incorporate into quilts; however, making simple panel quilts are perfect for kid quilts — especially with the ABC’s!

Although late, I am still working on Jimmy’s crib quilt, where the foundation is based from a panel.  Also, I am making slow progress on a car mat from a quilt panel of a town with roads.  Since these are both panel quilts, they should be quick quilts…somehow, I keep putting them off, as I finish up some other quilts.  I will share my progress on these and my other works in progress on Wednesday.

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