My Cutting Mat

Most of the time, my cutting mat houses the many projects that are in the works.  Next to my ironing board, it is my largest surface area to place projects.  My main project that is occupying most of my time is another pickle dish — this time using my two year collection of black-background-batiks.  I wish I took a pictures last week when there were 72 piles of fabric for each pieced curve.

I also have two other projects that are at the tail end of completion.  I have a baby quilt with Jaybird Quilts Chopstick pattern awaiting the binding.  Also, I have another twister quilt {pictures to my previous twister quilt} top about to be prepped for quilting.

Lee from Freshly Pieced Blog is hosting the Work-In-Progress Wednesday Link-Up.

What is on your cutting mat?  

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