Determing the Quilt Background Fabric

My current theme is repeating projects.  I jut finished my second Twister Quilt {post from earlier this week} and I am now working on my second Pickle Dish quilt and Underground Railroad quilt.  Repeating projects with different colorways really makes the project totally different from the first.

Another week goes by and I am still working on my second Pickle Dish quilt {previous Pickle Dish quilt}.  With 72 curves, it is a very time consuming quilt.  I finished all of the curves, trimmed them down, and removed the paper foundation.  I now need to reevaluate my background fabric.  Originally, I thought a dark purple would be perfect and I bought all of the fabric.  Now that I finished all of the curves, I am not so sure about the purple.  I placed the curves against some scraps and a brighter color is in order.  Now to determine the background color, which will result in a shopping trip!  Do you have any suggestions?

Also, I am half way through making the blocks for another Underground Railroad quilt {previous Underground Railroad Quilt}.  This time I am using Civil War fabrics and colors.  Again, using different colorways makes the project totally different.

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3 responses to “Determing the Quilt Background Fabric

  1. Picking the background color is such a big decision! How about a light gray? I’m sure whatever you decide on will be great!

  2. I like the bright yellow for your “pickle dish.”

  3. Backgrounds are hard indeed—hope you get it all worked out:) How about a light brown or tan? Something neutral?

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