Pinterest Quilts

It was almost two years ago when I joined Pinterest.  I remember distinctly at a a Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting, Liz Hawkins of LizzieB Creative! mentioned Pinterest and she sent me an invite.  Since that day, I have been hooked with checking out all of the crafty ideas and DIY projects.  When it was still in the beginning stages, I didn’t quite understand that you could pin (or re-pin) links to blogs that provide lots of inspiration.  Thus, I created my own board with my completed quilts.  46 pins later, it is still growing!  Until I finally get a page on my current website with a photo gallery, this board is truly a quick look at all of my quilts.

The most intriguing part of Pinterest is observing the traffic to my blog.  It is amazing that as of today, 117 people have re-pinned my four-patch table runner!  It was my most basic quilt, but lots of Pinners have found it worthy of re-pinning.

To kick off September – the national sewing month, here is another four-patch table runner from the Little Charmers II pattern of Anka’s Treasures.  To continue expanding upon my free-motion quilting, little flowers were incorporated into the quilting.  Let’s see if the Pinterest Community will like this one too!  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board of completed quilts.


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