12 in 2012 – A Year of Quilting

When I was marching through 2012, there were months when I didn’t even turn on the sewing machine.  As I was going through pictures, I realized that I was able to manage to sew more than I realized.  In addition, all of the quilts that I worked on in 2012 were also kicked-off in 2012.  2013 may be a different story as it will be a year of finishing some unfinished projects.  In the end, I completed 3 large quilts, 7 baby quilts, and 2 table runners.  12 projects in 12 months for 2012!  I’ll aim for 13 in 2013!

One response to “12 in 2012 – A Year of Quilting

  1. You accomplished a lot this year! I think I finished like 2 quilts.

    Hope you are doing well!

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