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Saving Time with Machine Binding

I have spent many hours binding by hand. In fact, it took over a month to hand bind Jimmy’s bed quilt.  I really like the way hand binding looks with the blind stitch, but sometimes time doesn’t allow for hand stitching.  When I was at one of the PMQG sewing nights earlier this year, it was mentioned that Red Pepper Quilts had a great tutorial on machine binding.

When I attempted machine binding in the past, I sewed my binding onto the back and then stitched it down in the front.  It worked, but the back was a little all over the place (probably the sewer!).  Using Rita’s tutorial, I now add my binding on the front, pin it to the back, and then stitch in the ditch along the front.  I have a few change ups for next time to use 2.25″ binding and to pin evenly to not exceed the ditch by varying lengths.  Overall, the outcome was great!  I won’t be going back to my old ways of machine binding.

Here is a snapshot of the quilt that I finished this week.  I will post more details about the quilt tomorrow!

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