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Let It Snow…next year!

Let it snow — well, next year!  I am done with snow this year and it looks like the snowperson quilt will move into the closet to hibernate until next winter.  Spring is here and if I put the quilt away, maybe the weather will start acting accordingly!  I finished the quilt at what I thought was the tail end of the season.  We only had several major snow storms after putting the quilt on display in the living room.  To see the progression of this quilt, check out my previous post, Building a Snowman.

Football Quilt

This quilt is perfect for the baby with both parents rooting for different teams.  When it comes to a divided house – equal blocks for each team.  It would also work for all Eagles too, or any other prints that may not match perfectly.  With the sashing between each block, I was able to pull off prints that really don’t flow together.  This was a fun quilt to make and I won’t be surprised if I re-do this pattern, as it seems like I do all my patterns at least twice to see the various color combos.

More Frogs

Here is round two of the Frogs ‘n Triangles Quilt.  The pattern is the Floating Triangles Pattern from Julie Herman’s book, Skip the Borders.  After completing the first pattern, the second one flew!  My quilting even improved, as I used the same design, inspired by Angela Walters.  If you missed my first quilt, check it out here.  I am now contemplating completing a third quilt to use up the extra green squares and other colors using scraps.

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12 in 2012 – A Year of Quilting

When I was marching through 2012, there were months when I didn’t even turn on the sewing machine.  As I was going through pictures, I realized that I was able to manage to sew more than I realized.  In addition, all of the quilts that I worked on in 2012 were also kicked-off in 2012.  2013 may be a different story as it will be a year of finishing some unfinished projects.  In the end, I completed 3 large quilts, 7 baby quilts, and 2 table runners.  12 projects in 12 months for 2012!  I’ll aim for 13 in 2013!

The Final 2012 Quilt – Pickle Dish

Although we are already 2 weeks into 2013, here is my final quilt for 2012 — the Batik Pickle Dish.  I finishing the binding on New Year’s Eve.  This quilt will be shipped off this week for a wedding gift.  They are both Notre Dame grads, so to add a personal touch, I have blue and gold (well, closest gold-ish color of Kona Cotton I could match).

The pickle dish is probably the most labor intensive quilt pattern I have attempted.  Each curve was paper pieced, trimmed, attached to some curve pieces, and sewn together to make the quilt top.  In addition, I tried out some new free motion quilting.  Altogether, it was my main project for seven months.  With this project completed, I will be kicking off more projects with 6 baby quilts for babies born in the Fall.

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Grandma’s Quilt

My mom made this beautiful quilt for Little Jimmy.  We found the fabric in Florida at The Quilt Place in Rockledge, FL.  It is Playday by SEI for Robert Kaufman.  The fabric was sold in a kit for the free pattern, Hip Baby.  My mom made it bigger by adding an extra border.  I completed all of the quilting, echoing the various various elephants and giraffes, as well as adding spirals and other fun designs.  It is adorable and Jimmy loves his Grandma Quilt.  Thanks Mom!!


By the way, check out yesterday’s post for some big news!  Baby Number 2 is on the way…

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String Quilt Table Runner

Yesterday, I shared my four-patch table runner.  Today, I am sharing yet another table runner — a batik string quilt.  I used 5″ Kona scrap squares as the foundation.  I lined up the center and completed the string quilt working outward from the center.  I used varying widths averaging around 1.25″. Once 12 squares were complete, I lined them up and sewed them together into a table runner.  On Saturday night, the Philly Modern Quilt Guild had a sewing night.  I was able to spend this night quilting and binding the runner.  Since there was foundation and there wasn’t a need for warmth for a table runner, I opted to skip out on batting.  I even used another new quilt design by Angela Walter’s new book — Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs for Modern Quilts.  (If you missed my recent review of her book, check it out here).  Since reading her book, I have been addicted to quilting these fun designs!  I loved the colors, design, quilting.  Overall, it was a successful projects and a repeat may be up next!

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Pinterest Quilts

It was almost two years ago when I joined Pinterest.  I remember distinctly at a a Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting, Liz Hawkins of LizzieB Creative! mentioned Pinterest and she sent me an invite.  Since that day, I have been hooked with checking out all of the crafty ideas and DIY projects.  When it was still in the beginning stages, I didn’t quite understand that you could pin (or re-pin) links to blogs that provide lots of inspiration.  Thus, I created my own board with my completed quilts.  46 pins later, it is still growing!  Until I finally get a page on my current website with a photo gallery, this board is truly a quick look at all of my quilts.

The most intriguing part of Pinterest is observing the traffic to my blog.  It is amazing that as of today, 117 people have re-pinned my four-patch table runner!  It was my most basic quilt, but lots of Pinners have found it worthy of re-pinning.

To kick off September – the national sewing month, here is another four-patch table runner from the Little Charmers II pattern of Anka’s Treasures.  To continue expanding upon my free-motion quilting, little flowers were incorporated into the quilting.  Let’s see if the Pinterest Community will like this one too!  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board of completed quilts.


Circles, Triangles, and a Quilt

Each time I finish a quilt, I think “This is my favorite.”  If you ask me today, I think that this baby quilt is my favorite.  The pattern is Chopsticks from Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.  It uses equilateral triangles with various border widths and alternating foreground and background colors.  I love how I used a solid mixed with prints to really have the Kona Ocean Blue pop.  The prints are a mix of various half yards that I collected over the years.  They all use a circle theme, with one showcasing shapes.  I thinks that it is a great mix of shapes, as the ‘blocks’ are triangles and the prints are circles.  To continue the use of geometry, the back is full of numbers!  It was a fun quilt to make and best of all, the pattern instructions were very clear (thanks Julie!).

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Square in a Square

Lots of squares – each block surrounds a 5.5″ square twice.  The pattern is from the Kelby Sews Blog and uses fat quarters.  The number of blocks is based on the number of fat quarters used.  This baby quilt is the perfect size a for a pack ‘n play.  I explored a new quilting pattern using more squares.