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Fabric Spree

Last Friday, Little Jimmy and I ventured into Lancaster.  We went to several fabric shops and landed at Burkholdersin Denver, PA.  I was sold when I heard everything was 25% off!  We picked out some 30 yards of fabric.  They have a wonderful selection of children fabric and I found the most adorable rocket fabric.  The line is called Launch by Lesley Grainger for Robert Kaufman.  I also found adorable lion fabric in the Roar! collection by Marie Perkins for Robert Kaufman.  I bought corresponding solids to match both of these finds!  Also, I picked up some more fabric from the Modern Workshop line by Oliver + S for Moda.  Lastly, we picked out some frogs, black birds, and some mixer fabric.  It was a successful trip and now I have plenty of fabric for all of the upcoming baby boy quilts.

Over the past weeks, I continued to plug away at the pickle dish quilt.  I cut into the yellow background fabric and used up 4 yards.  Additionally, I finished off two table runners.  Once I get through this pickle dish, I will dive into the fabric from my recent fabric spree.

Here is a breakdown of my growing stash!

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I Like Fabric

The year of 2012 began with the goal of using yardage from stash — sound familiar?  I think we all start the year with that same goal.  Then, a Quilt Show happens…

I have reported any stash updates since March, when I ventured out to Lancaster for the Quilt Show.  The end result was that I like fabrics.  43 yards of fabric, just from that one day.  I went to the local Lancaster shops and the many vendors at the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show.  Amazingly, I bought for specific projects.  Granted, I probably now have projects that will take me into the next decade, but it is going to take me awhile to dig out of this pile of fabrics.

Also, I have been going through my stash as well.  I broke into my black-background-batik stash to start another Pickle Dish quilt {previous Pickle Dish quilt}.  I also have been plowing through my kid fabrics for numerous baby quilts.  Here is one shown in my recent post, Personalized Quilts.  Also, I started another Underground Railroad quilt {previous Underground Railroad Quilt}.  I will show pictures of this quilt in my WIP post for this week on Wednesday.  Also, I am at the tail end of my second twister quilt project {link to my first Twister Quilt}.  The general conclusion from this week is that I like fabric!

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23 Yards in One Month

WOW – that is amazing, 23 yards of fabric used in one month.  Although I have been piecing quite a bit, a big chunk of this number is the result of a few quilt backings.  Shown in the report below are the three quilts that I finished yesterday.  I completed the quilting on Friday night.  Another 4.5 yards was put into good use with burp clothes for the NICU.  Also this month, I made it out to four different fabric stores, where I bought a 5 yards of both a grey batik and a three leaf clover.  The gret batik was originally going to be used for the background of my Lone Star quilt, but when I brought it home, it matched perfectly with one of my next quilts — Julie of Jaybird Quilt’s Opposites Attract.  Also, I will be making my first Irish Chain quilt.  What could be more perfect than clovers for the back!?  Also, I found the Modern Workshop line and I am so excited about the teal fabric.  I don’t know what to make with it, but I am sure that in time I will figure it out!

Here is the report:

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The clock Resets: New Year Starts New Stash Report

Since Jimmy was born, I haven’t been fabric shopping.  Most of my recent quilting used fabric from my stash, so this year may be promising!  Hopefully, I can get my stash down and use up my bundles of scraps that are growing exponentially — Anyone know that feeling?!

Since the new year, I bought several yards of Penn State fabric and coordinating solids to make a wedding quilt for a couple that wed last August.  I just finished the quilt and there will be a blog tomorrow with the details.

This week’s goals is to start all of the baby quilts for the babies born after Jimmy — which there are many!  Overall, I am catching up and will be using fabric from my own stash for these.

Here is the start of a new fabric report:

Fabric Update

Sewing was limited this week; however, I was able to manage to spend few hours on my baby quilt.  By cutting into the 6 yards of fabric, I counted it this weeks stash report.  Also, I was able to start another hexagon quilt with fabric scraps.  With no fabric in this week, I was able to use 8 yards total.

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Moving through my Fabric

I am continuing to make progress of finishing up quilts, which includes two quilt backs this week, with a combined total of 8 yards of fabric!  This two quilts will be shown this week on my blog.

Also, I did get some new fabric for my baby quilt and a little over a yard of Jay McCarroll’s Habitat fabric line.

Here is my weekly stash report update:

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Catching Up

Over the past two months, I haven’t been blogging as much; however, I have been sewing — thus, I have lots to share with you this week.  In the meantime, I will give you a peek with my stash report update that includes 4 completed projects.

Since my last stash report in March, my new fabric only consists of a charm pack for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild Kona Charm Challenge and Snoopy fabric with coordinating .5 yard fabrics.  I used all of my fabric that came in — plus many yards more from my stash!  In total, I was able to finish up 3 baby quilts and a Twister Quilt.  Stop back this week to see the details of all of these finishes.


A Dent into the Fabric Stash

With no new fabric in over a month, one would think that I was sewing away with my stash.  However, since I was on vacation, I only put a dent into the stash by creating a bed for Dunder from over two yards of old denim jeans (come back to my blog tomorrow for more details) and 1/4 yard of orange fabric for the binding on the Sliced Coin Quilt Along quilt.

I am hoping that I will continue to use the fabric that I have already purchased for future projects; however, I just discovered a new line coming out in April!  It is Animal Party Too by Amy Schimler.  Ryan Walsh has a give-away!  Check it out on the Ryan Walsh Quilts blog.

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12 New Konas

In effort to use my stash and finish my quilt projects, I am participating in the Sunday Stash Report, hosted by Judy of Patchwork Times.


This is a pile of 12 new Kona Fat Quarters that are added to my collection.  I participated in the Gen X Kona Swap and I received this great selection in the mail yesterday.  (Thanks AnneMarie!)  I will be using these solids in my new quilt class with Seminole Strip Piecing.


This weekend was filled with sewing!  I finished up the Pinwheel Party from the Twiddletails Quilt Along.  I completed another dog quilt and the binding for the confetti quilt.  Three finishes in one weekend!  I will be sharing the details of each of these quilts this week.