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Quilts – The perfect photo backdrop

Johnny (and Jimmy too!) is growing.  My favorite pictures of Jimmy have always been with one of his quilts in the background.  It is easy when he is surrounded by them in his cradle, on the floor, and when we are outside.  They make the perfect backdrop for a photo!  Now it is Johnny’s turn on the big bed quilt at 3 months old.


Mother’s Day Sew Day

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Johnny came home early April.  He is doing very well.  Here is a picture of Johnny, with his two friends – Duck and Goose!  Between keeping up with Jimmy and Johnny, there hasn’t been any sewing in this home.  For Mother’s Day, my mom and I spent the day quilting!

About two years ago, my mom and I bought a star burst pattern and specific fabrics to go with this project.  This weekend, we broke into the project for a Mother’s Day Sew Day.  My fabric theme is batiks with a black background.  My mom’s theme is also batiks with various teals from a jelly roll.  With a dozen pieces in each block and 48 total blocks, we spent most of the day sorting and cutting.  We are now set to sew!  I am looking forward to seeing this quilt evolve.

Lastly, I finished the backing for the triangle quilt that I started back in January.  The pattern is  the Chopsticks Quilt Pattern.  It is all basted and ready for quilting!  Maybe I will make some progress one of these evenings.

Big News

Big News – Jim and I are expecting baby number two in early May!  Little Jimmy will be a big brother.  We could not be more excited, as we prepare for the new addition to our family.  Boy or girl, we won’t find out the gender until the birthday.  Until then, we have a few months for the quilt room transformation to Jimmy’s bedroom to occur.

Also, I am back to sewing after a two month break.  I traded in my “sewing time” for “nap time” or “go to bed early time”.  My energy levels are finally picking up and my entire Saturday was dedicated to quilting.  My sewing machine was happy for my return and was humming along yesterday!

As for another exciting piece of news in our household, Jimmy is now wearing glasses!  He has been in awe of everything now that he can see!  Here is a picture of him sporting his new style.  He is hanging out on the quilt that his Grandma (my mom) made for him.  I took full quilt shots of this quilt and I will share later this week 🙂


Back to Blogging

I loved my old wordpress theme.  It had a main home page with summary posts, a featured portfolio page, and a picture heading for each blog post.  It was wonderful, but was way too time consuming.  For each post, I needed a minimum of four pictures of various dimensions — mostly panoramic.  Thus, for each blog post, I spent hours resizing photos.  Although I loved my old theme, it was time to let go and revert back to a simple blog theme.  With help from my husband, the craftedAngles theme was updated.  There is even a facebook plug-in too!

With a basic blogging theme, I will have more time to quilt and the frequency of my blog posts should increase — you will have to hold me to it!

I also have an updated banner depicting the quilting process, as my blog is a documentation of these steps.

Do you recognize any of these quilts?

Here is the other reason that I need a basic blog.  Rather than resizing images, I want to hang out with these two guys.  Our little man is now 10 months old.

Confetti Quilt for Jimmy

It has been some time since my last posting, as my I went into preterm labor and delivered my son 10 weeks early in September.  These past weeks have been quite busy with no time to quilt, but he is finally home!  We are now getting our rhythm down, and today is the first time in a couple of months that I have used my sewing machine for quilting.  The past few hours have been very productive!  I am looking forward to next month, when I will be able to do a lot more quilting — in between feedings, diaper changes, and snuggle time with my son!  Here is a picture of Little Jimmy on his quilt that his Grandma made for him:

Back in February, I finished my Confetti Quilt.  I was on a roll creating many baby blankets earlier in the year.  I loved my Confetti Quilt so much that I kept it for my future baby — which at that time, I wasn’t expecting.

In the NICU, the isolettes are covered with blankets and quilts from Project Linus and local church organizations.  When I saw the blankets and quilts, I knew the perfect quilt that I could bring in for Jimmy’s isolette.  The Confetti Quilt was used for his isolette and then used to cover his mattress when he graduated to a crib.  Now that the Little Man is home, his quilt will get a lot more use with tummy time!

I am sharing this post in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy’s Creative Side.  Click on the button below to view the festival of quilts.  It is only the first day and there are already over 200 quilts on display!