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Building A Snowman

…and it is another snowy day!  It has been 4 years and my husband has only requested one quilt — a snowman wall hanging.  I finally found the pattern at the Oak’s quilt show this past fall. It is Art To Heart’s “Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow” pattern.

Even though I saw a sample of the pattern and read the directions, I didn’t notice the enormous size of the snowman until I made two and then realized that they were snow giants!  I adjusted the pattern layout and made an entire wall hanging with one lonely snowman.  I wish that I determined that I would only have a single snow person before I cut and assembled the crazy number of rectangles involved with a second!

The evolution to this snowman started with a Philly Modern Quilt Guild’s Last Stitch Sewing Night back in December.  In just 5 hours, I cut up too many rectangles and created the 2 main snowmen.  Since then, I have been making snowflakes and this past week, I determined a layout and finished it off with a few trees.  I added all of his accessories — a carrot nose, buttons, and even eyes.  It is comical that I sew all the time, but when it comes to buttons, I still have to resort to you tube videos for a refresher!  It is all basted and ready for some creative quilting.

It actually may still be winter before I finish this creation!

Mother’s Day Sew Day

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Johnny came home early April.  He is doing very well.  Here is a picture of Johnny, with his two friends – Duck and Goose!  Between keeping up with Jimmy and Johnny, there hasn’t been any sewing in this home.  For Mother’s Day, my mom and I spent the day quilting!

About two years ago, my mom and I bought a star burst pattern and specific fabrics to go with this project.  This weekend, we broke into the project for a Mother’s Day Sew Day.  My fabric theme is batiks with a black background.  My mom’s theme is also batiks with various teals from a jelly roll.  With a dozen pieces in each block and 48 total blocks, we spent most of the day sorting and cutting.  We are now set to sew!  I am looking forward to seeing this quilt evolve.

Lastly, I finished the backing for the triangle quilt that I started back in January.  The pattern is  the Chopsticks Quilt Pattern.  It is all basted and ready for quilting!  Maybe I will make some progress one of these evenings.

A New Round of Triangles

This week I finished up the Car Mat Quilt and the Second Frogs ‘n Triangles Quilt.  Also, I started a new quilt and surprise…it used triangles.  Back in August, I completed my Circles and Triangles Quilt using Jaybird Quilts Chopsticks Quilt Pattern.  This week, I started round 2 of this quilt pattern but had to improvise a bit.  I didn’t have enough blue for the background, so I added some yellow.  Also, I ran out of one of the prints, so I threw in another print to complement the other fabrics.

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The Sewing Machine Hums

It has been yet another weekend of sewing!  I had a couple of hiccups, but I was able to finally hear my machine hum.  I was supposed to meet up with the Philly Modern Quilt Guild for an all day sewing day on Saturday.  I was completely packed with intentions of completing a couple of quilts and getting a start on a new one.  As the day turned out, I hung out my little man while my husband spent the day recovering from some virus.  Luckily, during Jimmy’s naps, I was able to put in some sewing time.  I first turned on my machine and it ate my quilt!  I cleaned and oiled it and still had issues.  I was on a mission to quilt and pulled out the screwdriver to check out the innards.  After more cleaning and lots of determination, I was very proud to hear my sewing machine hum without having to take it in for service!  It continued to hum all afternoon, as  I completed the free motion quilting and binding for my second Floating Triangles Quilt, the binding for Jimmy’s car, and the cutting of a new Chopsticks quilt.  I will be sharing my finishes this week, but here is a glimpse of what I worked on this weekend.

This week I used up a yard of black fabric for the remaining background squared in the Floating Triangles quilt, as well as 3.5 yards of fabric for the Chopsticks Quilt.  With the addition of 4 yards this week, my fabric usage this year is up to 11.5 yards of fabric with still no new 2013 purchases.  Linking up with Judy of Patchwork Times.


The Current Quilting Projects

Just to complete the Pickle Dish Quilt, I had to focus and limit myself to only working on one quilt at a time.  It is not my style, but I had to finish the quilt!  With the new year and the Pickle Dish Quilt completed, it was great to start new projects.  I already started and finished up my first 2013 quilt with frogs and triangles using a Jaybird Quilts pattern, Floating Triangles.  I really enjoyed making this quilt that I started a second using the same fabric.  This week, I sewed my small squares.  Now I am off to iron them so I can form the blocks.  I also completed the quilting on the car mat quilt and picked out the binding from my stash.  It is still a work in progress, but it is all part of the process!

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New Quilt for a New Year

It is a new year, so why not start a new quilt!  I do have plans on finishing my old works in progresses, but I think that they have graduated to that UFO state.  I notice that there are a lot of resolutions out there to finish quilts, but I will get there — one day!  In the meantime, I have a number of baby quilts to start and finish.  Here is a a great start to the new year.

On Sunday, I worked on a Floating Triangles quilt.  The pattern is by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts Blog in her book, Skip the Borders.  All in one day, I cut into my stash of greens, chain pieced, assembled, and basted.  It could have easily been a quilt in a day if my bedtime wasn’t so early!  I even had an extra helper — Jimmy.  In the picture, you can see that he is having a blast with the scraps.  I also cut extra squares until I ran out of black fabric.  When I finally order more, there may be a twin of this quilt soon.  I will hopefully be able to share this completed quilt, resulting in the first finish of 2013.

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A Completed Quilt Top…

This week I was able to complete the quilt top for the pickle dish quilt.  I have been working on this quilt since April.  Since August, this quilt has been my main project.  I haven’t posted much on the blog, as it has been a slow process.  With some dedicated quilt time on Monday, I was able to do the final assembly of each block and combine them into one big quilt top!  This week, I plan to baste and quilt.  I will keep you updated on the slow progress 🙂

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and Repeat, WIP Update

“…and Repeat.”  This is the saying that goes through my mind as I count to 72!  I continued to work on my Pickle Dish Quilt this week.  It was 72 curves, 72 squares, and at last — the 72 background pieces.  Now that I have reached 72 on each of the sets, I can start my assembly line to combine the three segments.  One day (and hopefully soon), I will finish up the top!

Thanks for your input as I was selecting my background fabric.  With your help earlier this month {see my background dilemma post}, I picked the yellow.  Although it is bright, it does have a golden hue to it.

Here is a glimpse of my background pieces and the layout of the curves with the yellow background.  Lee from Freshly Pieced Blog is hosting the Work-In-Progress Wednesday Link-Up.

In the Works – A Car Mat

Little Jimmy is officially into toys — well, objects in general.  It is only some time before he figures out toy cars.  What a perfect way to play with them on a quilt with a town and roads.  About a month ago, I basted this panel with some Richard Scarry fabric for the backing.  Inspired by Angela Walters new book (Free-motion Quilting with Angela Walters), I wanted to incorporate many designs into this quilt.  I started with pebbling the roads.  Oh my!  It looks great, but took forever!  This past weekend, I finished pebbling all of the roads.  In total, I think that it took me over 5 hours just to do the roads.  I still have more to quilt, but I may be reconsidering the density of my other quilt areas.

I was too busy with pebbling that I didn’t make any more progress on my pickle dish or underground railroad quilts.  Next week….

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Determing the Quilt Background Fabric

My current theme is repeating projects.  I jut finished my second Twister Quilt {post from earlier this week} and I am now working on my second Pickle Dish quilt and Underground Railroad quilt.  Repeating projects with different colorways really makes the project totally different from the first.

Another week goes by and I am still working on my second Pickle Dish quilt {previous Pickle Dish quilt}.  With 72 curves, it is a very time consuming quilt.  I finished all of the curves, trimmed them down, and removed the paper foundation.  I now need to reevaluate my background fabric.  Originally, I thought a dark purple would be perfect and I bought all of the fabric.  Now that I finished all of the curves, I am not so sure about the purple.  I placed the curves against some scraps and a brighter color is in order.  Now to determine the background color, which will result in a shopping trip!  Do you have any suggestions?

Also, I am half way through making the blocks for another Underground Railroad quilt {previous Underground Railroad Quilt}.  This time I am using Civil War fabrics and colors.  Again, using different colorways makes the project totally different.

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