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Blog Catch Up: A Week of Presenting Finishes

Over the past few weeks, I have been quilting without blogging.  With Christmas fast approaching, this week will be a series of showing off my quilting gifts that I have been finishing over the past few months.

Here is my most recent finish called “Dragonflies”.  It is named after the symbolism that Walter Dudley Cavert illustrated in poem about loved ones that have died and “the fact that we cannot see our friends or communicate with them after the transformation which we call death is no proof that they cease to exist.”

This quilt was given today to a family that found comfort with symbolism of the dragonfly after their son/brother passed away.  When my brother passed away last year, this family provided me a lot of support.  Since I find healing by quilting, I started this quilt in March when I found the perfect dragonfly fabric.  After nine months, I finally finished the quilt.  It is complete with a pieced backing, a sewn-in label that I designed, double borders, and vibrant colors throughout a diamond pattern.


Dragonflies, Daisies, and Diamonds

After a full weekend of quilting, I have completed another quilt top. — well almost, I still need to figure out my borders.  It is filled with dragonflies, daisies, and diamonds.  The assembly was diagonal strips and I had a hard time visualizing the finished top.  I found myself tilting my head just to see it straight.  The borders will be easy after this piecing.

Links to Previous Posts for this Quilt: The Turning Point, Fussy Fuzzy Cutting, Novice Template Attempt, and Dragonflies and Diamonds


The Turning Point

A few months ago, I followed the pattern for my dragonfly quilt only to realize that the pattern wasn’t exact.  When I found out that I had to do major trimming, I determined it was time to take a break and then I started another quilt.  Today I decided that I should work on some UFO’s and pulled out this quilt.  I trimmed all of the diamonds (over 100!)  After piecing the cornerstone, I am now at the turning point of this quilt with full motivation to make progress this weekend.


Fussy Fuzzy Cutting

The first dozen times that I heard about ‘fussy’ cutting, I kept hearing ‘fuzzy’ cutting.  It took reading blogs before discovering that it was ‘fussy’ cutting when you want to cut include a specific area of a print when cutting fabric.  I don’t like the word ‘fussy’ and the common synonyms are much better: picky, finicky, painstaking.  Although, ‘fussy’ cutting is really fussy; I still like my originaly misinterpretation of the concept of ‘fuzzy’ cutting.

Here is my fussy fuzzy cutting progress of my dragonflies and flowers for the Must Love Diamonds pattern from Allison Quilt Designs.


Novice Template Attempt

I am currently working on the Must Love Diamonds pattern from Allison Quilt Designs.  Earlier this month, I finished all of the strip piecing.  The next step is to cut.  This is the first pattern that I needed to use a template.  The pattern included the paper copy of 4 overlapping shapes. Thus, I made my first templates.

Tip for quilters: Use a fine tip to draw on the template plastic.  I used a blunt pen, which resulted in additional trimming of the template.

With each step of this project, I am really getting excited about the design and color choices.  This is one quilt that I can not wait to see elvolve.


Dragonflies and Diamonds

After three months of collecting fabrics, I am ready to make a Dragonfly Diamonds quilt.  I am using the Must Love Diamonds pattern from Allison Quilt Designs.  The pattern has two different diamonds.  The fabric for the centers will be the flowers and dragonflies.