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It’s a Beaut

Round Two of my current NY Beauty Class is flying geese in curves!  I found the perfect matching solid tonight, Kona Sand.  I bought the rest of the bolt, so I hope 3.5 yards is enough for background!

New Class: New York Beauty

On Monday, my New York Beauty Class started.  This week was the basic curve with points.  Each week, we will be adding additional motion with flying geese, sharp points, smaller inner curves, alternating directions with a zig-zag approach.  By the end of three weeks, we will experience New York Beauty and beyond.  I am looking forward to the next three weeks to improve paper piecing skills.  Here is my first curve, with many more to come in the future weeks.


Dunder Dog likes Quilting

While taking a picture of my 25% piecing milestone, my puppy — Dunder — decided that he really liked this quilt.

After much convincing, he let me take a picture of the quilt without him.  I think that he is a tad jealous that I keep making these beautiful gifts and he hasn’t received one…yet…


Sneak Peek

Although I am completely finished with all 72 curves, I have only fully pieced 4 of the 36 squares for the Pickle Dish quilt.  As I am quite excited for this quilt, I had to stop and take a picture to share the progress.  The final quilt will be a series of interlocking circles.


Trim, Trim, Trim

This is 72 curves after trimming the excess.  See the trash pile in the background?  Paper piecing accumulates a lot of trash and I haven’t even gotten to the part where I tear off the paper in the back.  The best part of foundation piecing is the perfect curve without the precision of the initial cutting.  You simply follow the lines (and think inversely to line up the fabric).


70, 71, 72…Finished!

Here are the foundation pieced 72 curves for the Pickle Dish Quilt.  I now will be cutting them out so that each will look like a curve.


Paper Piecing Curves

Although I am super fascinated by curves within quilts, I have been hesitant to quilt curves because I had a hard time visualizing how to sew inverted shapes together.  Thus, I started a quilt class tonight to learn curves using the paper piecing technique.  We will be working on patterns for pickle dishes, wedding rings, and rattlesnakes.

This quilt is great for scraps; however, the fabric store had a sale and I am now using new fabric!  Here is my fabric selection for the Pickle Dish pattern:

I completed 2 curves.  Now I am off to making 70 more curves…


Quilted and Ready for Binding

My eight week Monday night course flew by!  I can not believe that we are on week 8 and I have a (nearly) finished quilt.  This weekend I spent quilting my and exploring various designs to enhance each block.  I only have a few steps left: hanging sleeve, binding, and label.


Ready to Quilt

After six weeks of classes, the quilt top is ready to quilt.  I had fun with the sashing and the mitered borders.


Just in Time

Quilt class is tomorrow and I finished my 9-block square just in time.  Next week’s homework is two squares.