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The Finish Line: Quilt Along

AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts hosted Quilt-a-Long in July.  After some major pauses on this project, I was able to complete the quilt early December.  It was the perfect for Jim’s grandmother for Christmas.  I was very pleased with the pieced back that incorporated the main design.  I was also able to piece a label into the quilt.  It was a great quilt-along and truly a great stash buster.

Check out the Flickr Group with some of the completed projects.



I didn’t think that it would be possible, but it happened…I ran out of fabric.  This is one of the quilter’s worst fears, which is the reason why quilter’s stashes are overflowing with excess fabric.

Over a weekend, I went from week 5 to week 9 of the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long.  Since mine was all scrap fabric, I improvised with the remaining quilt design.  Rather than having two extra lengths of fabric, I only have one.

Next, I will be adding a small border around the entire quilt, same as the sashing.  Although improvising, I am still shocked that I went through an overwhelming about of fabric for this project.  It was a great stash buster project, as I started with a full bin and now I have just enough to outline the label before it gets quilted.


Nearing the Finish Line

In July, I completed week 5 of the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long.  Since then, the entire project sat in its storage container.  This weekend, I was checking out the Flickr Group with some of the completed projects.  It was a motivator to for me to pull out the project again and work on it for a Christmas gift.  Overnight, it doubled in size.  It was the fastest piecing process since I completed all of the cutting months ago.

Although I am only on week 7, the end is really in sight and it is looking great with the arrangement of colors.


From Scraps to a Rainbow of Colors

The center of my Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long is expanding into a rainbow of colors.  It has been an easy piecing process, as we completed the cutting during the first few weeks.  I haven’t had to touch my rotary blade since week three.

Check out this Flickr Group with 2,129 pictures of the various quilts for this Quilt-a-long.  It provided me inspiration to finish on first day that instructions were posted this week.


Four Square Square

It is a Four Square Square.  The title is almost as funny as the “half square triangle.”  Anyways, here is the center of the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-a-Long.

It is week 3 and I am actually still on schedule.  Here are my 2.5 strips:

Check out the Flickr Group for this Quilt-a-Long.  There are 2,057 pictures posted!


The Advent of Another Project…

Although I am still in the middle of several projects (Star Runner, Sampler for Class, Just for the Hex of It Quilt, Confetti Quilt, Pinwheel Party, Van Gogh Quilt, and my Jelly Roll quilt) with several near completion, I have finished several projects in the past couple of weeks and am ready to start my next quilt-along.  My goal this time is to stay on schedule with the weekly update.  This quilt along is hosted by AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts.  Here are the details about the project.  This is her fifth quilt along!  Since I am using scraps, cutting up my 460 2.5 inch squares will be my Friday Night Sew In Project for this month.  What projects are you up to for this Sew-In?  Don’t forget to sign up!