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Friday Recap with Seminole Quilt

I am currently taking a Seminole Strip Quilting Class, which is great for learning more complex borders.  With a quick Friday Night Sew In, I was able to complete my first section, which is 72″ long.  Next up will be the Harlequin and Zig Zag.  I am using my fabric stash from Gen X Blog Kona Swap – which was perfect to get a great selection of fabrics.

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Sew In with Sea Turtles

After many nights working with my second version of my Sea Turtle Applique project, I spent the January Friday Night Sew In to finish it.  Well, it is almost finished — I just need to stretch my quilt block onto canvas.

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Friday Night Sew In to Clear The Decks

With all of my new fabric purchases from the Mancuso Quilt Show, I spent this month’s Friday Night Sew In to Clear the Decks.  My sewing station was covered in gumball pieces for my current quilt — Stitchin’ Heaven’s Gumball Quilt.  I already finished 30 half square triangles earlier in the week; however in one Friday Night Sew In, I was able to crank out 90 more!  Notice the huge pile of trimmed dog ears in front of the sewing machine.  Tomorrow will consist of building each block so I can finish clearing the decks to start the new projects (notice the plural on projectS, as there are many).

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Sew In Update

My Friday Night Sew In Project for July was to continue making my 36 blocks of curves.  I am now up to 12 blocks after tonight. 

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Utilizing the Stash

To keep up with my goal of finishing projects, I am also trying to utilize my stash of pastels for the quilt along that is hosted by AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts.  For the June Friday Night Sew In, here are all of my scraps cut down to 2.5 inch strips and ready for piecing.


The Friday Night Sew In

The Friday Night (…and into the early hours of Saturday) Sew In was very productive.  I started a confetti quilt with the leftover batiks from my quilting class.  Using the technique demonstrated for this project, it was a sew as you want method.  As the night progressed, my quilt top developed.  Since the Sew In was hosted at a fabric store, I was able to easily incorporate new fabrics and colors.  Along with the green and blue fabrics, I added brown to the mix.  I was able to make whatever number of 4.5 inch squares and the center of each fabric square was cut with no pattern, making each block different.  It is truly a quick quilt — and a fun one too!

Here is the layout with the border and backing (left strip)

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