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Washing with No Worries

Each quilter has their own preference with pre-washing fabrics.  I pre-washed until I started buying pre-cut fabrics.  Then, I made the switch — of course, after I purchased a dye magnet for washing.  This weekend, I washed the quilt that my sister-in-law and I created.  There were some dark fabrics in this quilt and I wasn’t taking any chances!  After washing, there was a large difference between the new and used dye magnets.

Questions: Do you pre-wash your fabrics?  Have you also had success with a dye magnet?


Van Gogh Quilt

My sister-in-law and I are working on a twin size Van Gogh Quilt.  Here is the completed quilt top using a panel of fabric and framing each painting with starry night fabric.


Luck with Van Gogh

My sister-in-law is working on a quilt for college by adding borders to the Van Gogh paintings from two fabric panels by Exclusively Quilters.  We finished off two yards of the blue background fabric by adding borders to only half of the pictures.  Luckily, my mom came to the rescue with two more yards.  Now that I have washed and unwashed fabric, I now need to wash the current squares to make all of our fabric pre-washed.  I don’t expect much shrinking; however, 3-5% can make a difference!