Prepping for Chestnut Hill’s Fall for the Arts

Fall is around the corner, which means Chestnut Hill’s Fall for the Arts is fast approaching next month – October 5!  This year, I am excited to be one of the artists to present my quilts in one of the booths along the avenue!  I will be displaying my t-shirt quilts and “Guest Book” quilt kits for future commissions.  Also, I will be selling children play tents and my maze quilts!  Here are some examples of my works:

“Guest Book” Quilts

Know someone getting married? Need a wedding gift? Want to capture the notes of your family and friends at a reunion, shower, or other special event?  I make “guest book” kits that turn into a memory quilt / table runner / wall hanging of the special day!

Each square is prepared with a backing for stabilization and attached to a customizable instruction card with a guide to ensure signatures are centered and not extended beyond the sewing lines.

Pick colors to coordinate with your wedding theme, home décor, or favorite colors. Each quilt kit comes with fabric archival ink markers.  With a collection of handwritten notes from family and friends, you will smile as you remember your special day!

E-mail me if you are interested:

Notebook Covers

It is a moleskin cover!  A perfect graduation gift — embroidery available too!  For this one, my brother-in-law earned his Doctorate in Mathematics.  We found a graph lined moleskin notebook and pair it with a mechanical pencil and pen set in the form of a #2 pencil.  The notebook cover with pockets and embroidered name just tied it all together.  Also, it was fun to make!

Let It Snow…next year!

Let it snow — well, next year!  I am done with snow this year and it looks like the snowperson quilt will move into the closet to hibernate until next winter.  Spring is here and if I put the quilt away, maybe the weather will start acting accordingly!  I finished the quilt at what I thought was the tail end of the season.  We only had several major snow storms after putting the quilt on display in the living room.  To see the progression of this quilt, check out my previous post, Building a Snowman.

5 Quilts in 2013

Over the weekend, I sorted through all of the baby pictures to dig up the few pictures of my quilts that I finished in 2013.  I made 3 quilts last January.  Then, I went on bed rest, delivered Johnny a couple months early, spent over a month in the NICU, and I didn’t turn my sewing machine on for 4 months.  Over the course of the year, I somehow completed 2 more, bringing my grand 2013 total up to 5!

As I sorted through pictures, it was evident that my blog has a real back-log of content.  With the new year, my sewing machine took over my living room.  With its new location, I have been sewing almost every day — even if it is only for 10 minutes!  It is only February and I already have nearly 5 finished quilts — including two large ones.  I have lots to share!


Building A Snowman

…and it is another snowy day!  It has been 4 years and my husband has only requested one quilt — a snowman wall hanging.  I finally found the pattern at the Oak’s quilt show this past fall. It is Art To Heart’s “Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow” pattern.

Even though I saw a sample of the pattern and read the directions, I didn’t notice the enormous size of the snowman until I made two and then realized that they were snow giants!  I adjusted the pattern layout and made an entire wall hanging with one lonely snowman.  I wish that I determined that I would only have a single snow person before I cut and assembled the crazy number of rectangles involved with a second!

The evolution to this snowman started with a Philly Modern Quilt Guild’s Last Stitch Sewing Night back in December.  In just 5 hours, I cut up too many rectangles and created the 2 main snowmen.  Since then, I have been making snowflakes and this past week, I determined a layout and finished it off with a few trees.  I added all of his accessories — a carrot nose, buttons, and even eyes.  It is comical that I sew all the time, but when it comes to buttons, I still have to resort to you tube videos for a refresher!  It is all basted and ready for some creative quilting.

It actually may still be winter before I finish this creation!

Football Quilt

This quilt is perfect for the baby with both parents rooting for different teams.  When it comes to a divided house – equal blocks for each team.  It would also work for all Eagles too, or any other prints that may not match perfectly.  With the sashing between each block, I was able to pull off prints that really don’t flow together.  This was a fun quilt to make and I won’t be surprised if I re-do this pattern, as it seems like I do all my patterns at least twice to see the various color combos.

Angela Walters Class

For several years, I have been in complete awe of the free motion quilt of Angela Walters from the Quilting is My Therapy Blog.  I made a car mat quilt with a lot of her quilting designs and since then, I have been working on my free-motion quilting to add texture and some modern spin.

The Philly Modern Quilt Guild hosted a quilting day with her, followed by a lecture.  Even though I have each of her books and have taken her Craftsy class, the personal class was amazing.  She was very helpful and provided lots of tips.  She was very personable too and even let me snap a picture with her!


Quilts – The perfect photo backdrop

Johnny (and Jimmy too!) is growing.  My favorite pictures of Jimmy have always been with one of his quilts in the background.  It is easy when he is surrounded by them in his cradle, on the floor, and when we are outside.  They make the perfect backdrop for a photo!  Now it is Johnny’s turn on the big bed quilt at 3 months old.


Mother’s Day Sew Day

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Johnny came home early April.  He is doing very well.  Here is a picture of Johnny, with his two friends – Duck and Goose!  Between keeping up with Jimmy and Johnny, there hasn’t been any sewing in this home.  For Mother’s Day, my mom and I spent the day quilting!

About two years ago, my mom and I bought a star burst pattern and specific fabrics to go with this project.  This weekend, we broke into the project for a Mother’s Day Sew Day.  My fabric theme is batiks with a black background.  My mom’s theme is also batiks with various teals from a jelly roll.  With a dozen pieces in each block and 48 total blocks, we spent most of the day sorting and cutting.  We are now set to sew!  I am looking forward to seeing this quilt evolve.

Lastly, I finished the backing for the triangle quilt that I started back in January.  The pattern is  the Chopsticks Quilt Pattern.  It is all basted and ready for quilting!  Maybe I will make some progress one of these evenings.